Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge Terms & Conditions

Terms Used

Applicants – organisations or individuals acting on behalf of organisations that enter the Challenge.

Application – all materials submitted to the Challenge by an Applicant.

Challenge– the Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge

Judges – a group of international experts that will evaluate and review Applications.

Organisers– staff members of Fondation Botnar and the Global Road Safety Partnership.

Team– the Organisers and InnoCentive staff members working on their behalf.

All Applicants must comply with the following Terms and Conditions to be eligible for the Challenge. By submitting a completed application for the Challenge, Applicants agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out herein.


General Eligibility

  • The Organisers reserve the right to make the final determination of an Applicant’s eligibility.
  • The Organisers, Judges, and employees of InnoCentive may not apply and may not directly or indirectly have a material interest in any Application.
  • Applicants must be multi-sectoral consortiums representing one local government agency and at least one civil society organisation, within the following parameters:
    • Governmental organizations must have relevant authority over road safety policy and/ or its implementation.  Military agencies are not eligible to apply.
    • Non-governmental organizations (including but not limited to civil society organizations and educational institutions) should be able to demonstrate experience in implementing road safety, public health, children’s rights or other relevant issue area projects.
    • Civil society consortium partner(s) must be registered legal entities in the country of project delivery, capable of entering into contractual arrangements, receiving foreign funds, and assuming legal and financial obligations.
  • Applications must address road safety problems in cities with populations between 200,000 and 1 million habitants from India, Mexico, Tunisia, Romania, South Africa and Vietnam.
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Content and Intellectual Property

  • All descriptions and content contained in Applications must be the original work of the Applicants.
  • All information contained within all materials in Applications must be factual.
  • Applicants that rely on intellectual property that has been created or invented or is owned by a third party (“Third-Party IP”) acknowledge that they have obtained permission from any such third party to use the Third-Party IP as a basis to support their Application.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to determine that no third party has any rights on the content of the Application that may prevent its use.
  • Plagiarism of any kind, including reproduction of images or other content without reference to the original source, or without permission from the content owner or creator where appropriate, is strictly forbidden. Any images or other content contained in an Applicant’s Application must include all necessary citations for the Application to be eligible.
  • All intellectual property rights, if any, submitted to the Challenge will remain with the Applicants.


  • The Organisers will not enter into non-disclosure agreements with Applicants. Measures will be taken to protect confidentiality of Applications, but Applicants recognise that any information submitted through Applications is at risk of “public disclosure.”


  • All judging decisions made at the discretion of the Judges and the Organisers are final and not subject to appeal.
  • Should the Judges identify a concern that, in their opinion, causes an Application to violate the Terms and Conditions, they will advise the Team as such. The Organisers will make the final decision whether to disqualify the entry.


  • In the event that your Application is identical or similar to the Application of another Applicant, the Judges reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to either score one Application higher than the other subject to the Challenge criteria or to randomly choose an Application from all of those submitted which respond to the Challenge criteria.
  • These Terms and Conditions may be revised periodically by the Team. In the event that they are changed after an Applicant’s Application has been submitted, but prior to judging, the Applicant shall have the opportunity to make any changes to his/her submission to ensure compliance with the most recent Terms and Conditions.
  • Communications with Applicants will be by email to the address provided by the Applicant in the Application. The Team is not responsible for the reliability, or otherwise, of email, and no corruption of, defect in, or failure or delay in the delivery of, any email communication from the Team will entitle an Applicant to an extension of any deadline or timeframe or otherwise entitle an Applicant to make any form of claim.
  • By entering, Applicant agrees that the Team and its licensees, successors and assigns have the right to use the names, likenesses, voices and images of all persons listed in Applicant’s Application for future advertising, promotion and publicity in any manner and in any medium now known or hereafter devised throughout the world in perpetuity.
  • The Team shall not be liable to the Applicant for any damages, claims, expenses or other costs (including without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees) that the Applicant may suffer or incur as a result of participation in this Challenge, or arising out of any information provided by the Team or any decision made by the Team in connection with this Challenge. Under no circumstances will the Team be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages or for any damages.
  • Applicants are recommended to include at least one private sector partner as well which can create shared value by leveraging the organization’s capacity and competency to contribute to the proposal; however, Challenge funding will not be made available to the private sector consortium partner of Applicant.
  • Government partner(s) should not seek funds to duplicate or outsource work the organization is tasked with or has the capacity and resources to complete.  The Challenge funds are to address the resources and competencies the organization lacks and are essential to addressing the proposal problem.
  • Applicants deemed to be successful by the Organisers and eligible for the Challenge funding will be required to enter a negotiation and new contract with the Organisers that will establish guidelines and conditions for the use and reporting of the funds. To the extent that these Terms and Conditions conflict with the contractual agreement, the contractual agreement will take precedence.
  • Government and civil society consortium partners cannot be recipients of financial support from alcohol, firearms, pornography, or tobacco industries.  Private sector consortium partner(s) cannot be from the alcohol, firearms, pornography or tobacco industries.
  • Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or to accurately make any disclosures required by the Team, as determined at the sole discretion of the Team, may result in disqualification from the Challenge and/or the requirement that any Challenge funds be forfeited and/or returned.